The Diers

The Diers are on a magical mystery tour.

We’ve sold our house and our belongings and purchased the Outlaw.

We are on the road and would love to share our adventure with you…enjoy!

Jeff and JoAnna Diers

Recreational Vehicle The Outlaw

Diers new home, The Outlaw.

Jeff and JoAnna Diers


9 responses to “The Diers

  1. You guys look great! You should have stayed longer in mn it was – 1 in my stand sat Jake shot a nice buck I passed on two 8 pt one in the freezer is enough ( unless the horns are massive)


  2. OMG! I retired after 32 years of teaching and bought an Outlaw, but I can’t sell my house yet! We are itching to go full-time asap. I am taken with Jeff’s electric bike. My (younger) boyfriend rides bikes and is in great shape. I’m not. Maybe the electric bike could help me keep up with him. How did you decide on the Pedego model that you have? Just tried them all out? The nearest dealer from us is 500 miles away. Please give me advice on the bike! Maybe we’ll meet up at some point on the road and take a ride.


    • Jeff loves his electric bike! He bought it after a knee replacement so he can keep up with me on my road bike. It has helped him to work the knee and, of course, get some exercise. It’s nice because he can petal without the assist but has power if he needs it. He demoed the Pedego in San Diego, loved it and then did his research on electric bikes. He has been very happy.
      We are loving the freedom to travel where and when we choose. Currently headed to California. I’m always up for a good ride! Happy trails!


      • Oh, thank you so much. Good to know Jeff’s knee is doing well with it. My knees are my problem as well. This sounds like it is my solution also.


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